A few years ago, I was meandering the aisles of Value Village and out of nowhere, there was music. Beautiful piano music was playing from the back of the store. For a moment it felt like shopping in Nordstroms! As the gentleman continued to play I was drawn to him. I was drawn to the music. I finally got the guts to walk over to him and introduce myself. I asked if he played locally and he said: Why yes, I play every day at the Olive Branch Cafe. I googled it and it wasn’t long before I discovered this secret gem. It feels like you’re being transported back in time to your grandma’s house. The menu is superb and the hostess with the hugs greets you with a smile at the front door. You can make reservations for a tea party, little ones can book a princess palace party or you can book a lunch date with a friend.

Click on the video above for a quick tour! 

Check out more info here on the Olive Branch Cafe Website